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Ranga Chary, MBA, CFP

Ranga Chary, MBA, CFP

Certified Financial Planner, Founder 21st Century Financial Planning Group

Ranga started his financial services career in NY in 1977. In the eighties he also worked as a manager for a major financial institution in New York, where he trained and taught other agents and financial professionals and earned a number of awards

He moved his base to Stamford, CT in 1984 and in 1989 , he earned his CFP designation from College for Financial Planning, Denver. He changed his focus to comprehensive financial  planning.



Ranga recognized, comprehensive financial planning needs team work, using the expert services of a financial planner/insurance professional, attorney, CPA and a valuation expert. He was fortunate to assemble a really competent team and was able to serve high net worth clients to their total satisfaction. Till date he has a team of experts in place ready to serve clients who need the service.

This kind of  comprehensive planning involves, tax strategies to build wealth in a tax efficient manner, asset and income protection planning, business valuation, entities structuring, business insurance, buy/sell structures. succession, legacy planning, charitable gifts planning and the use of several other tools and strategies.  

In 1990 he as a DBA, Fin-Est Planning Associates was registered with SEC, as a registered investment adviser. Subsequently his registration was moved to the State of Connecticut and remained registered till 2003. He relocated to Pembroke Pines, FL in 2001. His firm Fin-Est Investment Advisors LLC does not offer investment management services anymore but only complimentary educational services on investments and planning.

Ranga has done educational workshops for attorneys, CPAs and the public. He has appeared as guest speaker on several  radio talk shows and has done his own shows.

As a Certified Financial Planner, Ranga  recognizes his role and responsibility, to educate clients and the public on the various planning instruments, tools and techniques available under law, their benefits and limitations.  



Ranga has a passion for writing. At 14, he translated the classic Sanskrit drama RATNAVALI,  written by the famous Indian King Harsha (606-648 AD). Subsequently he wrote, directed and produced plays such as DUTY, a serious play filled with melodrama portraying the life of a duty conscious police officer, "BEWARE OF FRIENDS ",  a comedy, "HEAVEN, EARTH AND HELL" , a sensational satire, landing a rocket on the stage carrying a press reporter from the earth to the Heaven, "BRIDEGROOM FOR SALE" , a hilarious comedy keeping the audience engaged for two hours.  He also wrote, co-directed and produced a star studded movie. His plays were well received by the audience and the press.

Ranga's other passion is, research and study for decades, in the area of planetary sciences and the thousands of years old and brilliant time management system with daily planetary hours. This system has been very helpful in his business as well as for others with whom he shared and shares this knowledge.

For the first time in the world his time management system based on daily planetary hours was released in 2013 through a printed daily diary, website and mobile phone.

Ranga  is a member in good standing with Board of Standards for Certified Financial Planners, INC and National Ethics Bureau.