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Govind is a partner in the comprehensive planning firm, Fin-Est Wealth & Tax Planning, LLC. He holds a master's degree in electrical engineering and has considerable teaching experience.

While graduating from The University of Connecticut, Govind set up a record, winning excellence in Science, Maths , English and a few others subjects in one evening. 

Being an engineer he is very analysis and detail oriented which helped him in his notable accomplishments in his student's career . He brings those traits to his comprehensive financial planning career.

He specializes in index annuities, index universal life insurance, arbitrage and hedging strategies for tax efficiency. .

Based on his research of the indexed structures, he is of the opinion, by properly designing the index annuities and index universal life insurance, predictable results can be expected..

Clients love Govind's teaching and communication skills while educating them on various strategies, being used in his practice. No wonder, some of his students got into Harvard and Yale and Cornell. Govind's younger sister, his student was a merit scholarship student at Cornell, who ultimately earned her Phd in a record time.

Fin-Est Wealth & Tax Planning, LLC , turns out to be a creative and productive father and son team dedicated to the service of their clients.