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lIfe Insurance Premum Financing

Life Insurance Premium Financing has been around for a long time. Successful people prefer to finance large life annual premiums such as $500,000+, $1,000,000+, $5,000,000+, $10,000,000+, $100.000+, at low interests and use their own capital to generate much higher returns in their business. 

This Life Insurance Premium Financing is a proven wealth building strategy. This is ideal time to use this opportunity as interest rates are very low. Further, newer life insurance contracts utilize interest gains from multiple domestic and global index build policy cash values.

From the available data on the performance of the various indexes, generally the index credits are higher than the loan interest resulting in positive arbitrage. Over time the loan is repaid from the cash value. Ofcourse, needless to mention, there are no guarantees.

A few major life insurance companies offer proprietary strategies to minimize the gift tax impact on larger premiums. Financial institutions have iinvested billions of dollars, financing life insurance premiums. It is worth exploring this opportunity.