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SERVICES OFFERED at Fin-Est Wealth & Tax Planning, LLC, a Comprehensive Planning Firm:

  • Prospects who may need advanced planning, we prefer to have our initial contact with the CPAs and or Attorneys who are the primary financial advisors for such prospects. Advanced planning may need multiple entities such as FLPs, LLCs, S Corps, C Corps, revocable, irrevocable trusts, charitable gifts planning and others. This process avoids costly mistakes and saves time and to do things right the first time. If the prospects do not have such a team in place or prefer not to involve them at the initial stages, we can start the process. When ready either we can work the prospect's team or introduce one if they do not have a team in place.
  • We start with our prospective clients who chose not to involve their primary advisory advisors initially, the review of our proprietary "AT A GLANCE MACRO PLANNING CHART"
  • To initiate the thinking process, we start with addressing the, often neglected or not thought of, ten major risks every individual is facing in this country.
  • Longevity Risk, Inflation (Purchasing Power) Risk, Market Volatility Risk, Loss Of Income Risk, Health Care and Long Term Care Risk, Running Out Of Money In Retirement Risk, Losing the Wealth to Avoidable Taxes Risk, Unintended Beneficiaries Including Judgment Creditors Risk, are all part of the major and real risks.
  • We educate our prospective clients on the well established solutions to manage the risks.
  • To name a few solutions, attorneys recommend setting up a revocable living trust to avoid the costly Probate and the unnecessary delays in passing the wealth to the heirs. We work and coordinate with expert attorneys to set up various kinds of Revocable and Irrevocable Trusts such as Insurance Trusts, Dynasty Trusts, Charitable Trusts etc, Family Limited Partnerships, and others.
  • As one of the solution to manage Longevity Risk and Market Volatility Risk, financial experts and the financial services industry recommend, the use of Index Annuities. Index annuities move only in two directions, up or sideways and has no downside movement and offer certain guarantees backed up the financial strength of the financial institutions.
  •  The macro chart will open up conversations based on the needs on topics such as stretch IRA to preserve the wealth in the family for multiple generations, tax advantaged opportunities etc.
  • We will review: any existing retirement plans such as 401k, other defined contribution, defined benefit pension,  403b, 457, SEP, IRA, ROTH IRA, and non qualified deferred compensation. 
  • We will review plans such as split dollar, buy/sell, disability income, long term care, life insurance etc.
  • Review of Tax Deductible, Tax Deferred, Tax Advantaged plans

    At Fin-Est Investment Advisers, LLC. 

    • We offer Fee Based, Financial Planning and Investment Advisory Services.
    • We Design And Build  Customized Portfolios based on individual goals, objectives and risk tolerances.
    • We will custom build a portfolio from the base, one as needed.
    • We use an Investment Platform with superb technology and with multiple world class money managers with a track record, who specialize in the major and multiple asset classes. Based on investors' individual risk/reward profile, asset allocation models are created using our database which has extensive historical data.
    • Complimentary Proposal (Approximately 60 pages).
    • One, Competitive Flat Management Fee covers it all. No commissions, no transaction or hidden costs.
    • 24 x 7 Access To Portfolios to monitor.Totally transparent. Online performance reports are available.
    • For Risk Averse Investors: Conservative, capital preservation and stable income, tactical portfolios are available.
    • We involve the client in the portfolio building process and spend adequate time as necessary.
    • We educate the client on, the portfolio building process and the sophistication behind it. We try and match individual client's risk tolerance and objectives with that of the individual money manager's focus, style and experience.
    • Asset classes, such as large cap value and growth, mid gap value and growth, small cap value and growth, ETF (exchange traded funds) portfolios, precious metals, commodities, domestic and foreign real estate, emerging markets and others are used with as much negative correlation as possible, in the asset allocation models.
    • Portfolio re-balancing is available and client decides on the frequency.
    • We offer a complimentary proposal. Our proposed asset allocation and hypothetical projections using Monte Carlo analysis are based on historical data. Past performance does not guarantee future results.
    • The goal of the well designed asset allocation with multiple asset classes, is to minimize the risk and maximize returns. The scattered graph provided in the proposal shows the projected return of the proposed portfolio for that level of risk shown in the graph. Adjustments can be made to reduce the risk for a given return or increase the returns for a given level of risk.