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Fin-Est Planning Associates was established in Stamford, Connecticut in 1990 as a comprehensive planning firm by Ranga Chary, MBA, CFP. The firm moved its base to Florida in early 2000 and evolved as Fin-Est Wealth & Tax Planning, LLC.

Fin-Est Wealth & Tax Planning, LLC specializes in Comprehensive Financial Planning and has positioned itself as a "one stop planning facility", which clients find to be cost and time efficient and of tremendous value.

To plan, design and implement tax favored strategies for wealth accumulation, preservation and distribution for one or more generations, charitable gift planning and to set up various entities and trusts, the firm utilizes the expert services of attorneys, CPAs, Valuation specialists, real state, mortgage professionals and others. Advanced planning is invariably team work. Ideally we prefer to have the initial contact with the CPA and or the Attorney of the prospective client who may need advanced planning, to avoid costly mistake, for time and cost efficiency.

Certain solutions involve insurance products. This firm represents the interests of their clients and does its best to get appropriate products from highly rated companies.

The investment advisory services are offered through our separate firm, Fin-Est Investment Advisors, LLC, registered in the State of Florida.

Fin-Est Investment Advisors, LLC  offers, fee based,financial planning and risk controlled, customized portfolio management, using a state of the art investment platform, second to none. This investment platform offers well over 100 world class money managers with specialization and track record in various major asset classes.

Tactical portfolios managed by highly rated Tactical managers are also available.

Proposals and informative brochures are made available as our complements, on request.

A brief 5 minutes introductory video on our portfolio management is available in our home page..