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Welcome To Comprehensive Financial Planning Center

"As a human race, if our hearts lead and direct our heads, this world would be a better civilized place to live and preserved for the good of humanity". We at, and Fin-Est Wealth & Tax Planning, LLC, a comprehensive financial planning firm and Fin-Est Investment Advisors, LLC, a registered investment advisory firm, let our hearts lead and direct our heads in what we do in serving our clients to earn our living.

In our decades of Comprehensive Financial Planning practice, we find many physicians, business owners, families and their heirs realize, when it is too late, costly mistakes have been made. If you are not sure, you made a costly mistake or mistakes with your investment, estate, tax, financial, succession and asset protection planning, when would you like to know?

We guess your answer was and is before they happen. We specialize in being a resource to CPAs and or Attorneys who offer basic and advanced planning advice to their in helping physicians, individuals , families and business owners avoid costly mistakes before they happen with timely planning and implementing appropriate solutions.

Ranga Chary, MBA, CFP, is the founder of Fin-Est Wealth & Tax Planning, LLC , a Comprehensive Financial Planning firm, and Fin-Est Investment Advisors, LLC, a registered investment advisory firm registered in the State of Florida. Ranga started his financial services practice in 1977 in New York. Since then he has been serving clients in the U.S. and abroad.

At our planning firm, our approach is it take the time to build trust and loyalty in our relationships. The rest becomes easy. We use our proprietary AT A GLANCE MACRO PLANNING CHART as a starting point.

We all know,  a visual chart is worth a thousand words. This comprehensive chart has contents to initiate an intelligent conversation in our relationships. Ideally we like to make this chart available to CPAs and or Attorneys who offer basic and advanced planning advice to their clients. This process avoids costly mistakes before they happen. This is team work.

We specialize in the design of solutions which include tax efficient strategies to be presented to the primary advisors of our prospects and clients, for wealth accumulation, preservation and distribution for one or more generations. More details can be found in "Our Services" section under "About Us"..

Comprehensive Financial Planning is team work, mobilizing the combined expertise of a financial planner/insurance professional, attorney(s), CPA(s), valuation expert(s), mortgage and real estate and others.


Please see the section "Our Services" under "About Us".

The brief video below gives an introduction to our portfolio management.